Pilot project for wheel­chair users par­tic­i­pat­ing in Göteborgsvarvet

For the first time wheel­chair users are invit­ed to par­tic­i­pate in Göte­borgsvarvet and the hope is that this year’s tri­al will result in a per­ma­nent class in the com­ing years.

– We are working hard to improve accessibility in our races to give as many people as possible the opportunity to compete, says Elin Bondemark, sustainability manager at Göteborgsvarvet.

This year’s edition of Göteborgsvarvet takes place on May 21 and more people than ever before are able to take on the challenge of the just over 21 kilometer long race, around and through the city of Gothenburg to the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen. This thanks to a pilot project for wheelchair users who will now be able to compete.

– There has been an interest and demand for this and we are happy to say that we can now give wheelchair users the opportunity to complete Göteborgsvarvet, and we hope that many will want to take part. Anyone who can help us with feedback and suggestions for improvements after the race is offered a free slot, says Elin Bondemark, sustainability manager at Göteborgsvarvet and project manager of the pilot project.

– We hope that this can lead to good conditions for continued development in a safe manner in coming years. We are currently targeting people who just want to exercise as we are not yet able to guarantee the safety of racing wheelchairs that can reach very high speeds, but in the long run we hope to be able to offer an elite class.

One person who has already signed up is Jonathan Thorsell from Enköping. After having completed Stockholm Marathon twice and Stockholm Half Marathon once he now looks forward to a debut in Göteborgsvarvet.

– It really is great to see that Göteborgsvarvet is taking this initiative. The more races to participate in, the better. I exercise a lot but there haven’t been many competitions to choose between so this is really cool, says Thorsell who will be part of the job to evaluate the race once its finished.

Inlines, skates, trolleys, bikes, hand bikes and racing wheelchairs are not allowed and a helmet is recommended.

Express your interest in the pilot project to Elin Bondemark at:



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