Rackar­Alex becomes a part of Lil­la Varvet

Lil­la Varvet will anoth­er pro­file rich­er next year! YouTube and TV star Rackar­Alex will be present to moti­vate, inspire, and cheer on the children.

– I hope to con­tribute to a delight­ful and sweaty day full of move­ment,” he says.”

On May 19 next year, it is time for Lilla Varvet, the race for children aged 7 to 13. One person who will be present in the starting area is RackarAlex, who has been one of Sweden's most popular TV personalities for children and teenagers over the past decade.

In his role for Lilla Varvet, RackarAlex hopes to encourage participation, and once on-site, he will be on stage and in the area around the start before the race.

– I am passionate about movement, exercise, and fitness and love to encourage and inspire children and young people to engage in it. There are so many benefits and positive health effects that come from it, moreover, without side effects. There are few other things that look like that, he says.

Even though he has always been active and tried many sports and activities both on TV and privately, it is only recently that he has taken up running.

– I thought running was monotonous, but once I found it, I immediately felt how much positive change happened in my body and how good I felt afterward. It's like a newly discovered world full of treasures, he says.

Emelie Jones, marketing manager for Göteborgsvarvet and Lilla Varvet:

– RackarAlex is a role model for hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers and is fantastic in his way of conveying the joy of movement and the effects of exercise and health. We are both happy and proud that he wants to be a part of Lilla Varvet and support all the runners who come to the starting line."

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