Race day — take it step-by-step

The start line is approach­ing. This is what all the train­ing miles — where you learned the lessons — were build­ing up to. Your kit, your pace, your fuel — you know what works. For this final arti­cle, let’s take race day step-by-step and break down your fueling.

Race day fueling starts 1-4 hours before you run the route. Depending on your start time, that could mean an early breakfast for or a late morning snack. Even with those pre-race nerves threatening to unsettle your stomach, it's important that you stick to what you've practiced. A Maurten Solid 160 is light and easy with 40 grams of carbohydrates. It’s a textured option at a time of day when your body is used to eating real food. This helps to maintain gastrointestinal balance.

Alongside Solid 160, as you prepare to head to the race start, it's a good idea to sip a sports drink. Maurten's Drink Mix 160 — also containing 40 grams of carbohydrates — keeps fluids topped-up while continuing to pre-load with fuel. Drink Mix is based on Hydrogel Technology, becoming a hydrogel when it enters the acidic environment of the stomach. This process reduces the sensation of having a liquid sloshing in the stomach while running and is the reason why Drink Mix is the go-to fuel for many elite marathon and half marathon athletes. Remember that running comfort is not limited to your clothing and shoes — comfort in the guts makes a big difference to your race day experience.

During your warm-up — 30 minutes before your start — consuming a Gel 100 will help to fuel the first few kilometres while you settle in to the race. If you’ve trained with it and know how your body responds to caffeine, consider a Gel 100 Caf 100. This Maurten Gel (in a white sachet) contains 25 grams of carbohydrates with 100mg of caffeine.

On-course at Goteborgsvarvet you won't fuel short, but how you choose to fuel your race depends on how you have trained. If you are not sure, don’t panic. The recommendation is to consume two Gel 100 sachets or a single Gel 160 during the race. Supplement your carbohydrate intake where necessary with the on-course Drink Mix 160 Fueling Stations — available at KM6, KM11, KM14, and KM18. If the conditions are warm you could also sip water from the available aid stations.

Make sure you come visit us in the Maurten booth at the Göteborgsvarvet Expo Thursday – Saturday.

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