Var­va inspire the joy of running

A larg­er fam­i­ly area, more activ­i­ties – and full speed with Var­va! These are some of the news in Slottssko­gen when the Mini­varvet and Lil­la Varvet are arranged.

- It will be an even more won­der­ful expe­ri­ence for both the chil­dren who run and their fam­i­lies, says project man­ag­er Sara Brown. 

It is not only thousands of participants who have longed for the Minivarvet and Lilla Varvet in Slottsskogen in May. After living in the park for a long time, it's finally time for Varva to look forward and become part of the big running party.

The running troll, which is blue after many years ago ended up under the machine that marks out the blue line of the Göteborgsvarvet, will inspire children to run and spread joy on Saturday and Sunday during Varvetveckan.

- It is a cuddly, sporty, crazy and kind character who loves that the Slottsskogen will be filled with children. Varva will spread joy for both Lilla Varvet and Minivarvet, but also for everyone participating in Göteborgsvarvet because the course passes through the family area, says Brown.

Varva will be a big part of the investment in the family area around Björngårdsvillan, and in addition to running and socializing with the participants, the running troll will contribute to the stage program, which is also a novelty for the year.

Between 10 and 16 on Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14, the family area will be open. Activations with different parties, obstacle Course, food experiences and other activities for the whole family will also be available.

The concept of Varva has been developed in collaboration with True Stories.

- It has been extremely fun to work together with the Göteborgsvarvet, which aims to become one of the biggest children's running events in Sweden. We strongly believe in the concept where the running troll Varva becomes a credible role model to inspire the joy of running and set the future generation in motion, as well as a recurring part in everything that happens both in the family area and in general around the Göteborgsvarvet, says Fredrik Magnusson at True Stories.

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