Sell/Transfer an entry

A registration for Göteborgsvarvet is binding and the registration fee paid is not refunded, but you have the possibility to sell/transfer your entry to another runner who wants to participate instead.

The last day to transfer an entry is seven days before the date of the race.

A transfer can be made for a fee of 250 SEK, which the buyer pays to Göteborgsvarvet. The cost is paid by the person taking over the entry.

Please note that it is not allowed to run in someone else's registration without making a transfer.

1. Find a person who is interested in buying your start ticket.
2. Go to "My registration/Min personliga dashboard"
3. Enter your details to log in
5. Enter the email address of the person you want to transfer your race entry to.
6. Click on "Transfer my registration"
7. An email will be sent to the person you transferred the entry to.

If you want to transfer the entry for free or sell it, that is entirely up to you; it is something you and the new runner agree upon (the fee of 250 SEK paid to Göteborgsvarvet always applies).

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